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  • Enjoy 15% off your first order with the code WELCOME .
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  • Enjoy 15% off your first order with the code WELCOME .
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Gentle PHA purifying and exfoliating water for sensitive, combination-oily & acne-prone skin.
150ml - PHA exfoliant for sensitive oily-combination and acne prone skin smooths, purifies & hydrates skin for a clearer complexion in 7 days.
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What is it and who is it for?

For sensitive, combination to oily, acne-prone skin. Pores, spots, blackheads. Face, adult.

More than 40% of adults (1) battle spots and imperfections on a regular basis. SEBIACLEAR Micro-Peel is the first concentrated dermatological water (2) that unclogs pores and smooths skin, offering a new form of effective, feel-good skincare. It is as liquid as water and delivers a potent combination of actives. This fast-absorbing essence quickly infuses skin for an instant clean finish. Its powerful effects stem from the choice of ingredients - a pair of complementary keratolytic acids for rapid, lasting action on pores, spots and blackheads, without compromising on tolerance. The delicately scented, non-greasy, non-sticky watery texture guarantees a refreshing sensation.It leaves skin cleansed and purified without drying it out, with tightened pores and a smoother texture.

Yes, you can have clean skin with a clean formula! Just eight ingredients and more than 90% of ingredients from natural origins. All this in planet-friendly packaging! (3) We have used a bottle with 25% recycled plastic that's 100% recyclable.

(1) Skroza, N; Tolino, E; Mambrin, A; Zuber, S; Balduzzi, V; Marchesiello, A; Bernardini, N; Proietti, I; Potenza, C. Adult acne versus adolescent acne. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol 2018 , 11, 21–25v  (2) At SVR  (3) Eco-designed packaging


• 36% reduction in spots in 28 days (2)

• 38% reduction in blackheads in 28 days (2)

• Combining the Micro-Peel with the Sebiaclear Serum boosts the anti-imperfection action: 100% (3)



• Clear skin in seven days: 90% (1)

• Reduction in pores after one use (2)


(1) Self-assessment,% satisfaction among 30 volunteers for 28 days, twice-daily application. (2) Dermatological scoring, 30 volunteers over 28 days, twice-daily application. (3) Self-assessment,% satisfaction, 21 volunteers, 28 days.

How does it work?

Acne can be a real battle, especially when it lasts beyond adolescence. To treat it effectively, you need patience and strict compliance with your skincare routine. But if a product is not pleasant to apply, it can put you off. However, it is essential to stick to your regimen to prevent the reappearance of imperfections.

SEBIACLEAR MICRO-PEEL is a new type of product, an anti-imperfection skincare water that smooths skin and unclogs pores, formulated with 90% natural ingredients and concentrated in effective actives:

A pair of acids:  lactobionic acid, a polyhydroxy acid or PHA, is a new-generation ingredient that is as effective as an AHA but is much better tolerated due to its high molecular weight, which prevents it from penetrating deeper into skin.  Paired with salicylic acid, it refines and smooths skin texture, and reduces and limits the appearance of new imperfections.

4% niacinamide: soothes and reduces inflammation to help eliminate spots. 

1% zinc: purifies skin and immediately regulates excess sebum with lasting results.

Non comedogenic. Does not irritate eyes. Physiological pH.

Proven effects under dermatological control.



The list of ingredients may be subject to change, we advise you to check the list on the purchased product.

Directions for use

Morning and evening, apply with a cotton pad to the whole face, concentrating on areas of imperfections. Can also be applied directly from the palm of the hands. 

For enhanced results, try our complete anti-acne routine:

• Prep skin with a few drops of our Sebiaclear Micro-Peel

• Hydrate and treat acne with our Sebiaclear Anti-Ageing Adult Acne Serum

• Moisturise and refine skin texture with our [PEPTI]Biotic Rebalancing Smoothing Matte Gel

• Protect with Sebiaclear SPF50 Daily Sunscreen

For breakouts and stubborn blemishes, treat as needed with our Sebiaclear Active Gel .

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