Hypersensitive skin

This kind of skin regularly feels "too hot to handle" - even if it doesn't always show obvious visible signs of discomfort. For example, it might be so touchy that just wiping it with a cotton pad makes it tingle, or maybe washing it with water produces a burning sensation...To avoid discomfort, we recommend using a velvety, comforting cream cleanser such as Sensifine Cleansing Milk to gently remove makeup with your fingertips as this minimises friction from cloths and cotton wool.  On the whole, the fewer the the number of ingredients, the simpler the formula and the easier for sensitive skins to tolerate; with just 10 ingredients, Sensifine Cleansing Milk dissolves makeup and cleanses skin in a single step while not aggravating highly sensitive skin. Ideally, we recommend following on with Sensifine Moisturising Face Cream, to rehydrate and soothe.