Dry skin

If your skin is tight and scaly, it’s dry. If it’s itchy too, it’s very dry! This simply means it’s lacking in lipids and water, which has altered your skin barrier. It has become porous, allowing in external aggressions such as allergens, pollutants and the cold. These are what cause irritations such as itching, tightness and peeling. So what’s the solution? You must pamper your skin EVERY DAY. We’ve put together a fabulous routine that will turn caring for your dry skin into a moment of indulgence. Start by cleansing gently with Topialyse Huile Lavante Micellaire. You’ll love its comforting texture and addictive scent. Next, apply Topialyse Crème. The 27% nourishing complex contains omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as cotton oil, while 2% soothing niacinamide restores and protects the skin barrier. We’ll have you feeling good in no time!