Damaged Skin

When your skin-barrier is compromised by wounds, cuts, grazes, burns, insect bites, new tattoos, blisters, chapping or cosmetic procedures that temporarily leave the skin raw, it is extra-vulnerable to infection and future scarring. With the Cicavit+ range, SVR has set out to ensure that your skin heals as fast and as completely as possible, leaving the fewest scars or marks. Keep this secret weapon in your bathroom cabinet for any emergency! Suitable from babyhood to the maturest of skin.
What's your primary skin concern?
Irritations, burns and tattoos
For soothing and healing damaged, irritated skin that has been grazed, sensitised or compromised by chapping eg angular cheilitis (sores at the corners of the lips), nappy rash, burns, sunburn, dermatological procedures and laser treatment, new tattoos etc.: apply Cicavit+ Cream until fully healed. With a formula containing 43% dermatological actives and an innovative healing action that respects the skin, Cicavit+ Cream helps skin recover up to seven times faster. Unlike other scar treatments, Cicavit is not antibacterial, but is actually pro-biotic, boosting the skin's natural biome for faster skin recovery.
Insect bites and grazes
Hot Summer nights can be balmy but mosquitos and other insects can drive you crazy: Enter CICAVIT+ SOS itch-relief spray. In just 30 seconds it refreshes and relieves skin while two active ingredients, known for their soothing properties – panthenol and centella asiatica – get to work. No more itching – your skin is left in peace to heal mark-free. What's not to love.
Sun-damaged skin
Is your skin feeling angry from too many hours in the sun? Try the CICAVIT + Cream in your routine. Made from 43% micro repair active ingredients, this treatment relieves skin and accelerates the healing process, helping skin repair itself up to 7 times faster. Say goodbye to damaged skin.